Zombie Game in Tempe

By April 24, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Tempe
Try Our Zombie Themed Escape Room at Mindspark Escape Rooms

Zombie Game

Trapped inside a room with a man-eating zombie, the timer draws closer to your hour of truth. Can you escape before the clock runs out? In this escape game, you play with a maximum of 12 players and have to decipher riddles and make use of hidden clues to ring the bell of victory. As an escape room, the experience draws you from the moment you start and immerses you in suspense and mystery. While you have victory in one hand, you have a hungry zombie in the other. Can you survive?

The Zombie Room: What’s Up?

Locked inside the zombie room, you will have to work with your team to puzzle out the mysteries of the room. Any gamer will fully appreciate the style of this video game brought to reality. Before you can escape, you have one hour to communicate with teammates and uncover the mysteries within. This room requires no specific skills, but you will benefit the most if you have a group with a variety of skill sets. A bread basket of multiple perspectives and thought processes will raise the likelihood of your team’s escape through the locked door.

What’s the Mission?

Trapped in a room with a zombie, you have little choice but to desperately find and answer the clues to escape before the zombie chained to the wall breaks free. At the passing of every five minutes, a buzzer rings and the zombie frees himself a little more. This game requires more than the passive intake of information like you might experience with TV. In fact, a lot of families have chosen a night at the escape room over sitting on the couch at home, passing the hours with television. It even beats video game consoles because you move around inside an interactive room where you have to uncover clues and mentally pass through the riddles.

Engage in a New World

The whole reason people travel, watch movies or play video games is to engage with a new and exciting world. It takes incredible imagination to bring these worlds to life, and the zombie room turns the wheels inside your head. You have to solve puzzles against the ever-ticking clock. What you take from this experience includes:

  • A sense of accomplishment
  • A new experience of video games
  • Puzzles that push you to think outside the box
  • Bond with friends, family and co-workers in this fun experience

Bachelor and bachelorette parties favor these games because it shakes up the normal routine. Instead of sitting on bar stools and ordering another drink, you engage with your friends and family while trapped in a room with a zombie. Only you and your team can decide if you will escape in time. The zombie room stays true to the excitement of real video games, but it keeps the added bonus of real engagement where you touch objects, move them around and listen for sounds. Schedule an unforgettable day with our escape room, and see if you can solve the puzzle and stay off the zombie’s menu.