Team Building Activity in Tempe

By April 24, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Tempe
Mindspark Escape Games is Great for Team Building

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to bring people together? Looking for something different for a company outing that will be enjoyable and invest in the development of your team? The typical team building activity such as high-rope courses or other sports can be expensive, not to mention nerve-wracking for people with fear of heights. Mind Spark Escape Games brings all the problem-solving and puzzles to you in a safe, controlled environment and is the perfect group activity, whether for a company looking to foster positive group dynamics or friends who just want to try something new and engaging!


An escape game is an elaborate puzzle that is like a real-life video game. It is fully immersive, and your team of 12 are locked into a themed escape room and have to figure your way out. You will have one hour to gather clues, solve riddles, and work together to meet the challenging escape game. This team building activity will promote creative thinking and inspire you to look outside the box, and your team will come out of it with more developed interpersonal skills and a more cohesive bond.


Beneficial for all types of people who have to work together, this group activity is helpful towards sport teams, professional management, and private and corporate teams. You’ll be able to learn ways of working with different types of personalities and leadership, and be able to apply these concepts to the workplace. Mind Spark Escape Games are here for you, and our professionally developed programs creates no-risk challenges that will teach people effectively how to work with their resources and with their co-workers in a stressful situation.


Family and friends can also have a great time in the escape room! Mind Spark is here for you for a dynamic, engaging experience. Liven up a birthday party or any group activity here, and watch and learn new things about people you love as you try to solve the puzzles in one of our many themed rooms. Instead of a night out on the town or bar-hopping, try spending an hour doing an elaborate puzzle and you’ll come out of it with a great sense of accomplishment.


Develop and use your senses of critical thinking, observation, and logic in a new and immersive way! Gamers and puzzle-lovers will find this real-life as fun as interesting as any console, and just as challenging, if not more so.


Mind Spark is here for you to create a one of a kind experience that you’ll always remember. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to spend a company outing or something fun to do with your family and friends, our escape rooms are a challenging and thrilling experience. Even if you do not have a party of twelve, don’t worry! Mind Spark will pair you up with other guests, and you can even meet new people and make friends. You can learn more about Mind Spark and how to make a reservation on our website and begin your adventure today!