Tempe’s Best New Mystery Game

By April 24, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Tempe
Try Our Mystery Themed Escape Rooms at Mindspark Escape Rooms. Perfect for the Mystery Game Enthusiast.

Mind Spark, a fully immersive mystery game where 12 participants get locked in a room, uses teamwork and individual minds to solve puzzles and escape the room. You will discover that throughout the room, riddles and clues were hidden. The tools necessary to win exist, but you will have to understand how they work and break out as the clock keeps ticking the seconds away and the pressure mounts. Do you have a calm mind to think clearly and escape?


Assemble a Team: Choose Wisely

Pick your brainiest friends and employ teamwork to defeat the escape room. You can assemble a team of any size and schedule a date and time to do it. Before the game starts, you will choose the room you want to play and make your reservations. The clues lurk within the room, and you will have to solve the riddles as the clock ticks down to the moment of defeat or victory. In the game, you will have clues and keys you have to find before the time reaches its end.


Many times corporate companies have scheduled a date with this murder mystery game because it teaches you effective communication skills with the people on your team. A lot of families enjoy solving these puzzles because it beats sitting on the couch and watching TV by a long shot. You’re using your imagination and trying to solve this interactive puzzle in a way you’ve likely never experienced before.


Challenge Your Brain: The Rooms

You have a variety of rooms to choose from that include a zombie room where you’re trapped with no way out. A zombie starts to remove the fence link by link, and the brain-crazed zombies are getting close to putting brains on the menu. You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzle before a horde of bloody-thirsty zombies break through and ravage your team. You must decipher riddles and uncover clues if you will escape from this mess. In the second room, you have a terminal where your team boarded a subway car that crashed at an abandoned station. As you explore the room, you discover a conspiracy to unravel the details and stop impending doom. Finally, you have a room called Spellbound. In this room, you will find a cabin hidden deep within the woods. A coven of witches have received the task of guarding it from a world of rising vampires. Sadly, the witches vanished and the protection spell has started to wear thin. Since you have stumbled upon this cabin, your mission will be to decipher the secrets of where the vampires hide. You will also have to destroy the king before he rises again.


The escape game takes an innovative approach we have never seen before. This mystery makes you use your wits to see if you can escape in this mystery game before the clock runs out. Keep in mind, the room you choose will have differing levels of challenge. You can start with the less challenging and move through the rooms after you have beat each one, which amplifies the fun levels. After this experience, you’ll be a regular Sherlock Holmes!