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Mystery Game in Austin

By | Austin

Are you a person that lives for murder mystery dinners? One where you can feel like the Sherlock Holmes of the group? This is the perfect place for you! At Austin’s Mind Spark Escape, people can play a mystery game that puts your mind to the test. Great mysteries and fun puzzles, what more could you want? You can go on YouTube and search up Mind Spark Escape Austin, TX or simply search up mystery game, mystery movie game or murder mystery dinner to see similar places doing similar things. This mystery game is more than just a game but a virtual reality experience where people can assemble their team, choose which room they would like to play, find the clues and make their escape! Mind Spark Escape is a virtual reality experience unlike anything you can find in Austin, TX. You and up to 12 participants will be locked in a room and you must work together and use your heads to escape out of the room. Clues and riddles that are hidden throughout the room provide the tools necessary to solve the puzzles, escape the room and win the game. As the clock races to the end, so will you as you and your team try to escape the Mind Spark.

This game is great for friends or family members as well as people that are into mystery murder dinner games. Have a significant other that you have been trying to take somewhere they will never forget? This is the perfect place. Team building and critical thinking to survive the test. There are several rooms to choose from, so you can choose a different room each time. There is even a zombie room where two zombies are chain linked and you must solve the puzzle before time runs out or they become unleashed.

Put yourself into a real life “The Walking Dead” experience. So many possibilities of having fun with whoever you bring along. Austin locals, Texans, or anyone that is just traveling and visiting the area, this is perfect for you. Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? Or are you his sidekick Watson? Either way, bring a friend and check it out! You will not regret it. Tickets for such excitement are available for groups of up to twelve. Gift Certificates are also available so you can provide the same fun and excitement to a friend or family member.

If you log into their website, they even offer a ten dollar off coupon to make the fun a little easier to attain. If you have any other questions they have a frequently asked questions page that you can visit and a phone number to contact them with any further information that you may request.

Try Virtual Reality Escape Rooms at Mindspark Escape Games

Virtual Reality Game in Austin

By | Austin

So, there you are, bored to tears, trying to find a reason to get out of the house, but coming up short in the department of what it is you are actually going to do once you get out there. We’ve all been there. You could always go to the same old theater and sit through the latest blockbuster snooze-fest like always, or you could get off your butt and be a part of the action!

Mind Spark Escape Games combine the thrill of the amusement park with the allure of a good mystery novel and the spectacle of a virtual reality game. There are locations in both Austin, Texas and Tempe, Arizona. If you are ready for an experience that is truly unique, then come on by for the ultimate night out.

Bring the family, bring your friends, bring the whole office with you. You will want someone to have your back if you are going to survive the perils of the “Zombie Room”, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more than one person to brainstorm with when you are attempting to solve the puzzles of the “Houdini Room”. His wife, Bess, is counting on you. Of course, if you are trying to figure out just what the hay is going on at the old subway station in “Terminal”, then you are going to need all the help that you can get.

Mind Spark Escape Rooms can be a great team building exercise for you and that one co-worker who always gets into the break room fridge and takes your chicken sandwich even when you have it clearly marked. By the time the night is done, the two of you will probably be singing Irish drinking songs together.

Don’t have a full complement of colleagues to join you on your quest? Don’t worry about it. You can be placed with another group of gamers, or you can choose to fly solo in “Geist Manor”: The only escape room/virtual reality game experience in Austin. Other room themes at the sister location in Tempe, Arizona include a group based escape room about vampires and witches called “Spellbound”, and an alien abduction themed virtual reality escape room for single players called “Project X”.

Ghosts, vampires, conspiracies, magic, aliens, and even zombies await you. If you think that you are up for the challenge, then set your cell phone aside for one night and get over here. Lets see what you are made of. You will not be bored. Seriously though, don’t even think about trying to bring a cell phone or any kind of mobile device into the room. The only thing that you need to bring along is your proverbial thinking cap.

Make your reservations now at mindsparkescape. Team building events must be reserved at least one week in advance.

Try Our Zombie Escape Room At Mindspark Escape Games

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

By | Austin

Film immerses us in scenarios we can only imagine. They make us laugh, cry or want to pee in our pants. Yes, good film includes creating visions of a horrible macabre world as shown in the zombie apocalypse genre. The world is ending and you and others you meet along the way must team up to survive. To make matters worse, the living are just as dangerous as the ravenous undead.

Popular zombie video games have also shown us visions of a world gone mad and allow us to make choices that determine our fate. The most successful ones make us squirm and jump. We anticipate the worst as we force our character to walk-on, pausing at corners and hoping we have enough ammunition left. Or worse, we’ve used all our bullets and can only rely on a rusty machete.

The worst scenario a gamer can imagine is getting trapped in a room with a zombie and no weapons. Nowhere to run, you must dodge the bloodthirsty corpse while trying to figure out how to release the locks on the door. You must have nerves of steel and a sharp mind. If you let your emotions get the best of you, you will soon become some zombie’s steak tartare.

Now imagine taking that scenario to a whole new level with a virtual reality zombie game experience. Hear the dreaded lock of the door. Feel your blood drop to your toes. The undead creature raspingly groans as it inches closer to you. Meet Emily the Undead. She enjoys long walks on the beach and thinks vegetarianism is highly overrated.

That would be a zombie game like no other. This scenario definitely calls for strength in numbers! You would want to bring along your friends and family, the kind of people that have your back.

Unlike a group of people sitting around a TV or computer screen, getting trapped in a room with a zombie in a fully immersive environment is a truly terrifying and wonderful experience. Your team must cooperate or die. Since the doors will only unlock upon successfully completing the puzzle, you must combine your brains together, lest all your brains get eaten together.

This is a time to show off your bravado and skill. Will you become the leader and rally your team? Don’t be surprised if your best friend, uncle or significant other is freaking out a little bit. It’s not every day that they get thrown into a human feeding zone. Find out who remains cool as a cucumber as the clock ticks down.

MindSpark Escape Games in Austin is offering this exact terrifying scenario. You and up to eleven other people can participate in a spine-tingling real zombie-escape puzzle game. Detach from the stubborn worries of the real world and set your mind to concentrate on solving the horrifyingly fun puzzles. Laugh and bond with your team. And perhaps rejoice and consider yourself lucky when you come out the other end alive!

Try Our Trapped Escape Room at Mindspark Escape Rooms

Trapped In a Room With a Zombie in Austin

By | Zombie Game


It can be really paralyzing to find yourself locked up in a room with a zombie lurching violently to free itself from the chains that prevent it from sucking the red juice from your neck. In “Trapped in a room with a zombie in Austin” escape game, you are in a team of 12 people sharing this experience. And you have 60 minutes to decide on who’s going to be eaten first when the hungry zombie gets off the wall where it’s chained. Or you could use these minutes to come up a smart escape plan. After every five minutes, a buzzer sounds and chills the room – a notification that one more chain is released from the zombie.

Two things you can be sure of is that the 60 minutes will be shorter that your normal sixty minutes’ walk in the park and some of your teammates’ adrenaline rush will make them do crazy stuff. But can you pull it through together amidst all this fear and anxiety? That’s what will determine your state of safety after the minutes are over.

Get trapped in a room with a zombie in Austin with your team to build your teamwork skills. This interactive team play puts a theatrical and mind sparking spin to escape rooms. It puts you in the middle of the ordeal, and your group’s skills are analyzed so that at the end you understand how well you function as a team. You learn to be creative, to accurately interpret clues, observe everything in your environment, solve puzzles, maintain your calm when your mind is under high pressure and find your way out of a difficult situation. You’ll also gauge your communication and team-building skills.

Whether or not you’ve played escape rooms before, this escape game will immerse you in an experience that will not only educate but also make you laugh for many days to come. So, get ready for an adrenaline upheaval, laughter-packed action, and epic fun with friends or family as you spend 60 minutes engaging in intense team building.

Try Our Zombie Themed Escape Room at Mindspark Escape Rooms

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

By | Zombie Game


The zombie apocalypse is something which can make most of us totally distraught with fear. It is absolutely natural for any normal human being to feel terrified with the very thought of hordes of decaying corpses roaming around. It hardly matters what type of zombies they are or how they turned into these horrible walking dead and there is no guarantee that the zombie apocalypse is never going to take place; thus, it is always a smart idea to stay prepared. In the following paragraphs, we will mention some tactics for surviving the zombie apocalypse. 

First of all, you will need a weapon to combat a zombie attack. The weapon should be sharp and easy to carry and it must not make a lot of sound. You can go for a tactical hunting survival knife which is small enough apart from its sharpness.

Water is the next item that should be mentioned in this list. It is essential to find a means to purify the water easily and quickly given that the water you are provided with might not be a clean one.

Next, you must have a proper supply of food which is essential for survival. There is every chance for the store shelves to become empty once the zombies strike. Consequently, make it a point to store dehydrated and ready-made dried food items which are easy to carry and you only need water to cook them. 

Another item which you must get hold of in these types of situations is a top quality backpack where you can easily store water, food and any other items which you might have snatched on your way. Also, ensure that the bag isn’t brightly colored. 

Lastly, you should have access to plants since apart from consuming them as food you can also use them for medicinal purposes. You cannot expect any doctor to be present when there is a zombie apocalypse and being able to treat on your own will prove to be extremely useful. 

Do you think that you are smarter than a zombie? In that case, consider enjoying a Mindspark escape game which is sure to mesmerise you. Mindspark is actually a fully immersive experience which you can have in Austin, Texas. As many as 12 participants along with a bloodthirsty zombie are going to be locked inside an escape room and they must solve the puzzles within 60 minutes before the zombie is unleashed.

Otherwise, you might also think of playing a zombie escape game on and several other places. It’s time to prove that you are better than these horrifying corpses!

Try Our Zombie Themed Escape Room at Mind Mindspark Escape Rooms

Our Favorite Zombie Shows

By | Zombie Game


Are you one of those people who gets excited whenever a good zombie movie or show plays? Well then this is just the place to be. There are quite a number if zombie shows at the moment but only a few can give you a brain craving. A look into some of our favorite zombie shows will have you loving the the Apocalypse world of the brainless shells.


The Walking Dead

The show was originally released on October 31st, 2010. It has had many glued in their seats watching the brainless freaks chasing brains around. Not many zombie shows are able to come up with the perfect apocalypse but the walking dead has taken it to a whole new level.


Dead Rising

The fanatics of the video game, Dead rising will definitely rejoice since the show is adapted from the video game. The show is a survival horror about a girl who ends up being trapped in a region infested with flesh eating zombies. This is one of the few shows that shows every detail.


Z Nation

The shows depicts a character, Murphy whom since the apocalypse swept has been the only surviving human and the only hope for humanity. Needs to get to California to deliver his antibodies s that a vaccine can be made. The show is great as it has a rich sense of suspense.


Last Ship

The show has been on air since 2014 and is still moving crowd with its ability to capture the apocalyptic world. The show is based on a novel by William Brinkley. The show has a great storyline and has won some impressive awards. It illustrates how a deadly virus has wept out half if the population.


These zombie shows can be converted into interactive games by making escape rooms or generally an escape game. They are quite realistic so turning then into interactive games such as Mind Spark takes them to whole be level.

Try Our Zombie Themed Escape Room at Mindspark Escape Rooms

Zombie Hunting

By | Zombie Game


You may decide to treat a zombie apocalypse as a simple escape game or a situation that requires your full attention. If you belong to the latter group, then having the right weapons is paramount. The list of best zombie hunting weapons is discussed below. Remember, that the weapons belong to the ranged and melee weapons categories. The two will help you during long distance and close-range attacks respectively. The first three weapons explores melee weapons that are easy to use and require little brute force. The remaining ones belong to the ranged easy to use weapons


Special Steel Blades

The market has a number of special steel blades that can easily cut through any bone and flesh. If you cannot access this special blade, then get a well sharpened machete to help you during an attack. Cutting the zombies hands and limbs minimizes its harm but for a complete destruction, chop off the head. 


A spear

Depending on whether you are fighting in a closed room or an open field, you will get to choose the length of the spear to use. What is important is to ensure that it’s very sharp. The market has many carbon steel tipped spears that can be essential. Where you have enough space for maneuvering, use a long spear and vice versa. 


An Axe

You can either throw it or use it as a hand to hand weapon. Apart from it being sharp, it necessary to buy one that is lightweight and you are comfortable using it. Ensure the material is strong enough so you can use it several times without the fears of it breaking. 


Bolt Action Rifle

It’s best for a sniper type of fight. If you get one with a silencer or suppressor, the better. This is because, as you short zombies located about 400 yards from you, you will not make much noise that will attack other zombies from elsewhere. Ensure that your gun’s cartridge is accurate and reliable. 


A Crossbow

This weapon is the go-to for Daryl in the popular show, The Walking Dead. It’s best if you are standing or lying of a high and stable platform. You need to short once then reload this crossbow and hence it’s not best if you are running for your safety. 


A Sling Shot

This is best for backup if you are in a safe zone and the zombies can’t reach you. It uses steel ball bearings but in case you run out of them, then use steel bolts or pebble. Apply enough force so it can penetrate the skull of the zombie. 


A Shotgun

This is the most commonly used weapon because of its ease to use. This helps when you need to run from an escape room because you feel the zombies charging towards you are many.


Each item on the list of best zombie hunting weapons discussed above is vital and a must have during your hunt. Get prior knowledge on how to use each of them so as to avoid making mistakes during the fight. 




Try Our Zombie Themed Escape Room at Mind Mindspark Escape Rooms

History of Zombie Films

By | Zombie Game

A standout amongst the most fertile movies as of late has been one that has existed around eighty five years, that of zombie movies. After a huge period in which few of these films were produced, the success of Night Of The Living Dead revived the genre. Around the turn of the century, this type of horror film made a resurgence and has become, along with vampire films, probably the most popular of horror film genres. This subject matter has remained common in film, and in recent years has branched out into science fiction, comedy, romance and thrillers.


The first film of this type is usually considered to be White Zombie, released in 1932, and dealing with the original zombie concept, that of corpses reanimated by Haitian witch doctors. The early version of this type of monster were people drugged by a bokor, or Haitian witch doctor, who would then be buried and reanimated as slaves of the bokor.


After the success of White Zombie, a sequel, Revolt of the Zombies, was released in 1936, but did not fare well at the box office. Although the genre was now in the public eye, this type of film continued to be made, but only occasionally. In 1959, Plan Nine From Outer Space, considered by many to be the worst film ever made, featured reanimated corpses.


The genre was reimagined and reinvigorated by the release of Night Of The Living Dead, by George Romero, which was cited for its graphic content, but was successful enough to spawn many imitations and sequels. Mr. Romero has made five direct sequels, and several other films that deal with the living dead. The original has been remade, colorized and a 3D version was released in 2006.


Night Of The Living Dead affected the entire horror movie genre, influencing slasher films and causing a resurgence of films featuring reanimated corpses. The film also established many of the characteristic plot devices of undead films, such as their lumbering gait, their hunger for flesh, and especially brains, and the idea of the zombie apocalypse.


This genre has remained active, but in recent years, it has revived, with changes to the basic concept. The film 28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle, featured more energetic living corpses, and continued underlying themes established by Romero of societal dysfunction and collapse. This was followed by a sequel, and the genre continued to expand.


In 2004, a remake of Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead, and comedy films, exemplified by Shaun Of The Dead, began to be released. Some comedy films had been made previously, but were generally low budget. In the early years of the twenty first century, the genre grew to the point where films with higher production values and more recognizable actors were featured in them.


In the last decade, zombie movies have been released that cross into other categories, including science fiction themed films that have expanded on the basic premise. Many comedy films have featured the undead, and other films have included them as subplots. With the rise of vampire themed romance films, similar films involving living corpses have also been produced.

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The Future of Virtual Reality

By | Virtual Reality

If you told people 20 years ago about how advanced the state of virtual reality technology would be by 2017, most of them would probably laugh at you. But with governments and companies investing into enhancing VR, what it is now may be different from how it looks in a few years.

So what will the status of reality be in the near future? These four particular features and technologies may show us a sneak peek:

Eye Tracking

As far as its visual capacity, VR’s eye tracking cannot compete with the human body. While progress is slow due to different technological and programmatic challenges, several techniques are starting to be employed to improve focus. One example is foveated rendering, which enables users of virtual reality technology to focus on a particular small portion of an image.

Improved Field Of View

Currently, the visual capacity of virtual reality is at 15 pixels per degree on a fixed 2m depth and 90-degree field of view. While this is already impressive, this is far from the human visual capacity of 120 pixel per degree and 230 degrees field of view. Progress in the field of view may be slow but there will certainly be improvements in the coming years.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a recent development. In the escape game, players make use of virtual reality headsets to solve puzzles and go on adventures as a team. It has a brought an inventive twist to classic adventure games that the public is starting to eat up.

Head Related Transfer Function

Head Related Transfer Function is how a certain sound is perceived by the human senses with respect to several factors that affect its environment. To make virtual reality more convincing HRTF is now starting to be integrated into VR, stepping up competition for many VR tech firms.

While there is no way of knowing the improvements that will come to virtual reality in the coming years, the four above, at least, paints a pretty good picture of the future of VR.

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What is Virtual Reality Gaming

By | Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming abbreviated as VR gaming is where a person is made to experience being in a 3D environment and interacting with the environment. Virtual reality environments are created with VR software then presented to the user in a way that supersedes the real world environment. It creates a suspension of disbelief and helps the user experience as if the virtual reality environment is actually real.

History of VR gaming

Virtual reality gaming has been dreamed about as long as video games especially 3D video games have existed. Before the development of compact technology, VR gaming used multiple screens or projector rooms. The controls involved a mouse, standard keyboard motion controller methods or game controllers. The more complex VR rooms included treadmill floors to enhance a user’s sense of freedom of movement and the feeling of immersion into the virtual environment. In other virtual gaming setups, a user was confined to a small room surrounding a computer but had free motion within the room.

With advancement in technology, virtual reality gaming hardware has grown to the point that VR headsets offer an amazing gaming experience. Most VR headsets have motion sensing controllers and tracker. Some are designed to be used in stationary or seated position while others offer room scale VR capabilities.

How VR works

Total immersion is what all manufacturers of VR headsets, game and app developers are aiming at, making the VR reality experience so real that a person forgets the headgear, computer or any other accessory and act like they would in the real world.

The goal of the hardware is to create what looks like a life size 3D virtual environment without the boundaries that we associate with computer screens or TV. So, the screen mounted in front of your face follows you. 

Once power source and the headset are secured, you will be required to connect some kind of input, whether it is through controllers, head tracking, voice, hand tracking, trackpads or on device buttons.

Video is sent from the computer or console to the headset through a HDMI cable in the case of headsets such as the Rift and HTC’s Vive. For Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydreem headset, the video is already on the smartphone which is slotted into the headset.

Virtual reality headsets use either LCD displays, one per eye or two feeds sent to one display. Lenses are also placed between the pixels and the eye which explains why the devices are called goggles. At times, they can be adjusted to match the distance between the eyes which varies from one person to another.

The lenses reshape and focus the picture for each eye creating a stereoscopic 3D image by angling the 2D images to mimic how the two eyes view the world which is ever slightly different.

Users of VR games 

Besides entertainment, VR games are used in virtual reality therapy as well as in various types of training such as in the military and fashion.