Zombie Hunting

By April 25, 2017 April 26th, 2017 Zombie Game
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You may decide to treat a zombie apocalypse as a simple escape game or a situation that requires your full attention. If you belong to the latter group, then having the right weapons is paramount. The list of best zombie hunting weapons is discussed below. Remember, that the weapons belong to the ranged and melee weapons categories. The two will help you during long distance and close-range attacks respectively. The first three weapons explores melee weapons that are easy to use and require little brute force. The remaining ones belong to the ranged easy to use weapons


Special Steel Blades

The market has a number of special steel blades that can easily cut through any bone and flesh. If you cannot access this special blade, then get a well sharpened machete to help you during an attack. Cutting the zombies hands and limbs minimizes its harm but for a complete destruction, chop off the head. 


A spear

Depending on whether you are fighting in a closed room or an open field, you will get to choose the length of the spear to use. What is important is to ensure that it’s very sharp. The market has many carbon steel tipped spears that can be essential. Where you have enough space for maneuvering, use a long spear and vice versa. 


An Axe

You can either throw it or use it as a hand to hand weapon. Apart from it being sharp, it necessary to buy one that is lightweight and you are comfortable using it. Ensure the material is strong enough so you can use it several times without the fears of it breaking. 


Bolt Action Rifle

It’s best for a sniper type of fight. If you get one with a silencer or suppressor, the better. This is because, as you short zombies located about 400 yards from you, you will not make much noise that will attack other zombies from elsewhere. Ensure that your gun’s cartridge is accurate and reliable. 


A Crossbow

This weapon is the go-to for Daryl in the popular show, The Walking Dead. It’s best if you are standing or lying of a high and stable platform. You need to short once then reload this crossbow and hence it’s not best if you are running for your safety. 


A Sling Shot

This is best for backup if you are in a safe zone and the zombies can’t reach you. It uses steel ball bearings but in case you run out of them, then use steel bolts or pebble. Apply enough force so it can penetrate the skull of the zombie. 


A Shotgun

This is the most commonly used weapon because of its ease to use. This helps when you need to run from an escape room because you feel the zombies charging towards you are many.


Each item on the list of best zombie hunting weapons discussed above is vital and a must have during your hunt. Get prior knowledge on how to use each of them so as to avoid making mistakes during the fight.