Trapped In a Room With a Zombie in Austin

By April 25, 2017 April 26th, 2017 Zombie Game
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It can be really paralyzing to find yourself locked up in a room with a zombie lurching violently to free itself from the chains that prevent it from sucking the red juice from your neck. In “Trapped in a room with a zombie in Austin” escape game, you are in a team of 12 people sharing this experience. And you have 60 minutes to decide on who’s going to be eaten first when the hungry zombie gets off the wall where it’s chained. Or you could use these minutes to come up a smart escape plan. After every five minutes, a buzzer sounds and chills the room – a notification that one more chain is released from the zombie.

Two things you can be sure of is that the 60 minutes will be shorter that your normal sixty minutes’ walk in the park and some of your teammates’ adrenaline rush will make them do crazy stuff. But can you pull it through together amidst all this fear and anxiety? That’s what will determine your state of safety after the minutes are over.

Get trapped in a room with a zombie in Austin with your team to build your teamwork skills. This interactive team play puts a theatrical and mind sparking spin to escape rooms. It puts you in the middle of the ordeal, and your group’s skills are analyzed so that at the end you understand how well you function as a team. You learn to be creative, to accurately interpret clues, observe everything in your environment, solve puzzles, maintain your calm when your mind is under high pressure and find your way out of a difficult situation. You’ll also gauge your communication and team-building skills.

Whether or not you’ve played escape rooms before, this escape game will immerse you in an experience that will not only educate but also make you laugh for many days to come. So, get ready for an adrenaline upheaval, laughter-packed action, and epic fun with friends or family as you spend 60 minutes engaging in intense team building.