Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

By April 26, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Austin
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Film immerses us in scenarios we can only imagine. They make us laugh, cry or want to pee in our pants. Yes, good film includes creating visions of a horrible macabre world as shown in the zombie apocalypse genre. The world is ending and you and others you meet along the way must team up to survive. To make matters worse, the living are just as dangerous as the ravenous undead.

Popular zombie video games have also shown us visions of a world gone mad and allow us to make choices that determine our fate. The most successful ones make us squirm and jump. We anticipate the worst as we force our character to walk-on, pausing at corners and hoping we have enough ammunition left. Or worse, we’ve used all our bullets and can only rely on a rusty machete.

The worst scenario a gamer can imagine is getting trapped in a room with a zombie and no weapons. Nowhere to run, you must dodge the bloodthirsty corpse while trying to figure out how to release the locks on the door. You must have nerves of steel and a sharp mind. If you let your emotions get the best of you, you will soon become some zombie’s steak tartare.

Now imagine taking that scenario to a whole new level with a virtual reality zombie game experience. Hear the dreaded lock of the door. Feel your blood drop to your toes. The undead creature raspingly groans as it inches closer to you. Meet Emily the Undead. She enjoys long walks on the beach and thinks vegetarianism is highly overrated.

That would be a zombie game like no other. This scenario definitely calls for strength in numbers! You would want to bring along your friends and family, the kind of people that have your back.

Unlike a group of people sitting around a TV or computer screen, getting trapped in a room with a zombie in a fully immersive environment is a truly terrifying and wonderful experience. Your team must cooperate or die. Since the doors will only unlock upon successfully completing the puzzle, you must combine your brains together, lest all your brains get eaten together.

This is a time to show off your bravado and skill. Will you become the leader and rally your team? Don’t be surprised if your best friend, uncle or significant other is freaking out a little bit. It’s not every day that they get thrown into a human feeding zone. Find out who remains cool as a cucumber as the clock ticks down.

MindSpark Escape Games in Austin is offering this exact terrifying scenario. You and up to eleven other people can participate in a spine-tingling real zombie-escape puzzle game. Detach from the stubborn worries of the real world and set your mind to concentrate on solving the horrifyingly fun puzzles. Laugh and bond with your team. And perhaps rejoice and consider yourself lucky when you come out the other end alive!