What is Virtual Reality Gaming

By April 25, 2017 April 26th, 2017 Virtual Reality
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Virtual reality gaming abbreviated as VR gaming is where a person is made to experience being in a 3D environment and interacting with the environment. Virtual reality environments are created with VR software then presented to the user in a way that supersedes the real world environment. It creates a suspension of disbelief and helps the user experience as if the virtual reality environment is actually real.

History of VR gaming

Virtual reality gaming has been dreamed about as long as video games especially 3D video games have existed. Before the development of compact technology, VR gaming used multiple screens or projector rooms. The controls involved a mouse, standard keyboard motion controller methods or game controllers. The more complex VR rooms included treadmill floors to enhance a user’s sense of freedom of movement and the feeling of immersion into the virtual environment. In other virtual gaming setups, a user was confined to a small room surrounding a computer but had free motion within the room.

With advancement in technology, virtual reality gaming hardware has grown to the point that VR headsets offer an amazing gaming experience. Most VR headsets have motion sensing controllers and tracker. Some are designed to be used in stationary or seated position while others offer room scale VR capabilities.

How VR works

Total immersion is what all manufacturers of VR headsets, game and app developers are aiming at, making the VR reality experience so real that a person forgets the headgear, computer or any other accessory and act like they would in the real world.

The goal of the hardware is to create what looks like a life size 3D virtual environment without the boundaries that we associate with computer screens or TV. So, the screen mounted in front of your face follows you. 

Once power source and the headset are secured, you will be required to connect some kind of input, whether it is through controllers, head tracking, voice, hand tracking, trackpads or on device buttons.

Video is sent from the computer or console to the headset through a HDMI cable in the case of headsets such as the Rift and HTC’s Vive. For Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydreem headset, the video is already on the smartphone which is slotted into the headset.

Virtual reality headsets use either LCD displays, one per eye or two feeds sent to one display. Lenses are also placed between the pixels and the eye which explains why the devices are called goggles. At times, they can be adjusted to match the distance between the eyes which varies from one person to another.

The lenses reshape and focus the picture for each eye creating a stereoscopic 3D image by angling the 2D images to mimic how the two eyes view the world which is ever slightly different.

Users of VR games 

Besides entertainment, VR games are used in virtual reality therapy as well as in various types of training such as in the military and fashion.