Team Building in Austin

By April 25, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Austin
Mindspark Escape Games is Great for Team Building


Learning teamwork through group activity exercises knit a team closer together. A great team doesn’t just fall into place. It takes work. You have to encourage collaboration and deeply understand the strengths and blind spots of each individual to bat a home run in the office environment. When people hear of a corporate team building activity, their heads drop, their eyes closed and their ears block out the annoying mosquito-like noise. That’s because this subject brings back horrible memories of the pointless “Trust Fall” exercise that led to Big Bob from the office getting knocked out cold.


Team Building Activity: It Doesn’t Have to Be Bland

People put their heart into activities when it truly engages them. The escape rooms from Mind Spark demystifies your team’s hidden individual talents while bringing up a fun and original activity. Every escape room will have a distinguished story that unfolds a lot like a reality-based video game. Instead of sitting on the couch playing Xbox One without learning anything, you take 11 of your best teammates and visit Mind Spark’s escape rooms. Be warned: It will not be easy. You will have to bond closer together as a single unit to move forward and escape the room before disaster strikes. In the Zombie Room, we give you 60 minutes of deep thinking to puzzle out the clues and unlock the mystery before the zombie chained to the wall comes loose. That doesn’t sound like your generic team building activity, does it?


Results: We All Want It

The biggest reason corporate team building exercises exist is to construct an unstoppable team that bashes through obstacles and meets goals on deadline. When you play in our escape rooms, you’re communicating with others and learning individual strengths and weaknesses. You discover how to best work with each other to succeed in the corporate environment because even teamwork in a game can translate to punch-packed teamwork in the office.


Get Comfortable with Other Teammates

Group activity slowly acquaints you with the others you work with. You can bond with each other and kindle the creative spark. Our escape rooms engage you enough to eliminate idle chatter because everyone must keep a fully captivated mind if they will succeed. In Mind Spark’s escape rooms, every room hides clues that will lead to your hopeful getaway before the timer runs out. In every work environment, people wants to engage in a friendly and happy environment where they can talk with anyone, and the escape room games help you break the ice.


You should never overlook team building activity. However, the right kind where you have fun and put people in their best seat will lead to more positive results. Playing our games, everyone serves a role on the team to help each other flee the impending danger. Through it, a manager better understands the roles because she can examine everyone’s gifts and put them in the right place. To build an unstoppable corporate team, book with us today!