Scariest Game in Austin

By April 24, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Austin
Try Our Scary Escape Rooms at Mindspark Escape Rooms. Perfect for the Game enthusiast.

Every horror flick fan appreciates a good scare whether that jump-out-your-skin moment comes from the movies or an immersive virtual reality escape room like Geist Manor. Mind Spark brings you games designed to send chills up your spine and make the hairs on your neck stand on end. Of the horror games in Mind Spark’s arsenal, you have Virtual Reality – Geist Manor and the Zombie Room. These intense experiences will leave you in a cold sweat looking frantically for the exit door.


Geist Manor: The Best Solo Horror Game in Austin

Something disturbed the restless spirits of Geist Manor, and unfortunately, your so-called friends have all but vanished. Now you have just 10 minutes in this solo virtual reality escape game to uncover the clues and meet the demands of the malevolent spirits or come to an untimely end. This one-person virtual reality game is the only of its kind in the Austin area, and you will have to keep your wits about you if you wish to survive. For gamers, you will love how the experience offers up something new and original for a Halloween night you will never forget.


The Zombie Room: Can Your Team Survive?

Where the dead walk, no one finds rest. The Zombie Room locks you in a room with a brain-hungry zombie chained to a wall. Unlucky for you and your teammates, he’s slowly shattering his bonds link by link and licking his lips ready for a tasty meal. Test how sharp your brain is for new clues and escape the room before the zombie breaks his chains. You will play with 11 other participants who all have one common fate—either you will escape together or the virus will spread to each of you. The sixty-minute timer means you have no time for ordinary chit-chat as you face the possibility of utter ruin. No one does scary games in Austin better than Mind Spark.


Make New Friends and Bond with Old Friends

A lot of traditional video games have no actual bonding value with others. Games from Mind Spark force you to communicate and unite with other players under a common goal, or everyone fails. Bachelor parties and corporate teams have chosen escape rooms as a team building exercise because everyone learns about each others’ gifts at the end of the game. When you head back to the office on Monday, you can employ what you discovered about each other to springboard your business into higher productivity and greater effectiveness.


What kind of people schedule with us? We have had eager customers call us from a variety of backgrounds from close-knit families to gamers to corporate teams to bachelor parties. It matters little who you are—if you have an interest in scary games in Austin, book your puzzle adventure with us today! The hands-on experience where you listen to real sounds in your environment and play with objects to solve the puzzle fosters your imagination and leads to real growth as an individual. Mind Spark challenges gamers with mind boggling riddles and puzzles that have a slight edge of horror.