Mystery Game in Austin

By May 1, 2017 May 8th, 2017 Austin
Try Puzzle Based Escape Rooms at Mindspark Escape Games

Are you a person that lives for murder mystery dinners? One where you can feel like the Sherlock Holmes of the group? This is the perfect place for you! At Austin’s Mind Spark Escape, people can play a mystery game that puts your mind to the test. Great mysteries and fun puzzles, what more could you want? You can go on YouTube and search up Mind Spark Escape Austin, TX or simply search up mystery game, mystery movie game or murder mystery dinner to see similar places doing similar things. This mystery game is more than just a game but a virtual reality experience where people can assemble their team, choose which room they would like to play, find the clues and make their escape! Mind Spark Escape is a virtual reality experience unlike anything you can find in Austin, TX. You and up to 12 participants will be locked in a room and you must work together and use your heads to escape out of the room. Clues and riddles that are hidden throughout the room provide the tools necessary to solve the puzzles, escape the room and win the game. As the clock races to the end, so will you as you and your team try to escape the Mind Spark.

This game is great for friends or family members as well as people that are into mystery murder dinner games. Have a significant other that you have been trying to take somewhere they will never forget? This is the perfect place. Team building and critical thinking to survive the test. There are several rooms to choose from, so you can choose a different room each time. There is even a zombie room where two zombies are chain linked and you must solve the puzzle before time runs out or they become unleashed.

Put yourself into a real life “The Walking Dead” experience. So many possibilities of having fun with whoever you bring along. Austin locals, Texans, or anyone that is just traveling and visiting the area, this is perfect for you. Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? Or are you his sidekick Watson? Either way, bring a friend and check it out! You will not regret it. Tickets for such excitement are available for groups of up to twelve. Gift Certificates are also available so you can provide the same fun and excitement to a friend or family member.

If you log into their website, they even offer a ten dollar off coupon to make the fun a little easier to attain. If you have any other questions they have a frequently asked questions page that you can visit and a phone number to contact them with any further information that you may request.