Mindspark Escape Games



1. Assemble your team

Get your friends, come in groups of any size and choose your date and time.

2. Choose your game

Select the room you would like to play and make your reservations!

3. Find the clues

Solve the riddles and find the clues as the clock ticks down and the pressure rises!

4. Make your escape

Use the clues and keys you find to solve the game and make your escape before time runs out!

What is Mindspark?

Mindspark is a fully interactive and immersive experience unlike anything else you can with locations in Austin, TX and Tempe, AZ.

Up to 12 participants will be locked in a room, and they must use their minds and teamwork to figure out their escape. Clues and riddles hidden throughout the room provide the tools necessary to win the game and get out of the room. As the clock ticks down and the pressure mounts, can you stay calm, can you escape?


Mindspark Escape Rooms is great for Friends


MindSpark will bring your family together in a way you would have never thought possible, and it’s certainly more entertaining than sitting around on the couch.

Mindspark Escape Games is Great for Your Office Team Building Events


After one of our escape games, your group will be able to work together and communicate better than ever.

Try Puzzle Based Escape Rooms at Mindspark Escape Games


Do you love trying to solve puzzles and riddles? Well MindSpark is a new kind of interactive puzzle you have never experienced.

Mindspark Escape Games is a Great Tourist Destination for Travelers


The point of traveling is to experience things that you couldn’t in your hometown. MindSpark is certainly that. Try something different on vacation!