Special Holiday Room – The Naughty List

You’ve tried to be good all year, but you know your name is on Santa’s naughty list. You have only 30 minutes to solve the puzzles and erase your name or it’s nothing but coal for you.

Virtual Reality Room – Geist Manor

Virtual reality 10 minute, solo escape experience. Enter a new world through virtual reality at Mind Spark Escape and Adventure Games. Try your hand at escaping Geist Manor before the mistress finds you. Compete against your friends to see who can escape this solo-escape room first. Tickets $15.  AUSTIN’S ONLY VIRTUAL REALITY ESCAPE GAME!

Houdini Room

Houdini, the world’s greatest escape artist and famous magician, made a pact with his wife Bess to try and make contact from beyond the grave upon his death. They also set a deadline by which they would give up and Bess was to move on with her life. As the hour approaches for the deadline, you and your friends are their last hope. You have one hour to discover the final item so that Bess may make one last attempt to contact her beloved husband.

Zombie  Room

Trapped with no way out, chain link by chain link, a brain-crazed and bloodthirsty zombie invades the room. You and 11 others must solve the room before time runs out and the zombie is unleashed. With only sixty minutes and your brains, you must uncover clues, decipher riddles, and discover the keys to unlock your freedom.

Terminal Room

You and your team have boarded a subway car, when the car crashes into an abandoned subway station. You explore the station and soon you explore the station and learn of a conspiracy. Your team must learn the details and stop the impending results.

Corporate Team Building

Your team is locked in a room and must work together to solve a series of clues and riddles to escape. A group gets one hour to escape, so communication skills of team members will truly be tested as the clock ticks and tension builds. After being trapped in one of our escape rooms, your team is guaranteed to be more effective, more productive, and more fun!

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